IMG_6068Monique Burks is a fresh and entertaining motivational speaker, as well as an entertainer, Author, mother, wife, entrepreneur, food fanatic and CEO of EmpowerHER network where she shows women who look good on the outside how to feel good on the inside.

As founder and CEO of EmpowerHer community, One of her many organization she is creating, Monique’s goal is to be the best example of what a wife and mother looks like to everyone she comes across.

IMG_8210When Monique’s mother died in 2014 of a brain aneurysm and cardiac arrest from recurring brain tumors, her world was turned upside down. A suicide attempt, fueled by heavy depression, anxiety, heavy drinking and PTSD led to a mild heart attack. It was after these life-altering events that Monique decided to pick herself up, find a way to move forward, and to not just survive, but to thrive. 

Even though she continues to deal with challenges, Monique founded EmpowerHer because of  a desire to help other women; women who have admired her strength and confided their own struggles to her in hopes of benefiting from the wisdom she has gained from her experiences. 

The mission of EmpowerHer is to provide assistance to those who may be enduring the loss of a loved one, experiencing feelings of hopelessness, loneliness and defeat, and those who may be at the point of giving up. Monique’s personal mission is to be an example of how to fight to live, and how to keep moving in spite of adversity.

She lives in Dallas, Texas, with plans to expand EmpowerHer’s reach throughout the United Sates and beyond.




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